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Some like it hot!

Travelling along a fault line

sunny -28 °C

Hot springs
Hot mud
Hot weather
Hot sulpherous steam
Hot sand
Hot tub
Hot Volcanoes
and me i'm hot well in a sweaty kind of way.
The last couple of weeks has been full of crazy experiences. Picture the scene two small children walking down the beach with their buckets and spades, that all sounds perfectly normal doesn't it. Now add to that image a frying pan an egg and a flask of milk. Ok a little bit stranger...now pan out to the whole vista. An empty beach with perfect waves and then oh my word who are all those people and why are they sitting in what looks like steamy nests all squeezed together. A bizare sight. It is a hot water beach. The beach is indeed hot, so hot you could scald yourself but apparently not hot enough to cook an egg much to the amusement of all the scantily clad twenty somethings watching. Oh well it was worth a go, at least our hot chocolate worked.
All this hotness is a result of a dirty great fault line which we have been following from North to south. From White island in the Bay of Plenty which we looked at from a respectfull distance right down to Mt Tongararo which is still emitting smoke after erupting last week.
I think the wierdest thing has got to be arriving in the night at a campsite and peering into the gloom only to find that we were parked right next to a boiling mud pool, even wierder to find the next morning that it was adjacent to the kids playground. These Kiwi's are tough, no wrapping their kids in cotton wool.
The same went for the main attraction for the area Wai o tapu sulpherous pools boiling hot, mud splurting out with big farting sounds and a teeny fence just perfect for balancing on when you are a 4 year old. They did have big fences at the viewing areas but I wouldn't have liked to take Finn a year ago. As it was the kids were fascinated by the other worldy nature of the place and didn't even complain about the smell!

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