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October 2012


Nature or nurture?

Wanderlust is a strong desire for or impulse to wander or travel or explore the world.
The term originates from the German words wandern (to hike) and Lust (desire). T
A contemporary German equivalent for the English word wanderlust, in the sense of "crave for travel", is Fernweh (literally meaning "an ache for distant places").
I definitely have wanderlust, I crave it the idea of it, it excites me, I guage the success of my life by it more so than work or money. I love to plan, research and dream about possible and less possible destinations, I own guide books for places i've never been, read journals and blogs of people I will never meet and pour over maps and globes. For me It is the story of place that get the juices flowing.
Why do some of us feel the need to wander while others are quite happy to stay put? Is this an inate desire within us? While I ponder this I recive an email from my father, my mother has been found wandering in a field. That oh so terrible desease which inflicts so many people and their partners in their old age leaves her constantly looking for 'home'. In her confusion she repeats the mantra 'I am always away, always travelling'. In her late 80's this is clearly no longer true but she has a wonderful history of travelling the world. Is it in the genes I wonder, nature or nurture? Talking to her now one might be forgiven for thinking that this travelling past was a negative thing, in fact I started to think so until I picked up a journal written by her 25 years ago. It is particularly poignant as it is about their trip to New Zealand. It is full of joy and delight in the new sights they saw, wonderfully cross referenced to maps, and so like our own plans of a road trip that I am considering taking it with me as a guide book.
As a child we didn't go to exotic places or in style but we did go away a lot, my parent instilled in me a sense of adventure, to always want to look around the next corner but also perhaps unknowingly to grab it while you can and preferably while you are still young enough to enjoy it.
Thanks Mum and Dad xxx

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